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Huatulco Residential Zones

Puerto Escondido

Puerto Escondido is known for its beaches and emerald waters. From its famous surf beach, Zicatela, where you'll find surf crews lined up on summer days to the calmer shores of Playa Carrizalillo where you can try some paddle boarding - there is no shortage of sandy spots to drop your towel.

Private accommodations sprawl along the Puerto Escondido coastline. The luxury communities dot the southern shoreline where you'll find communities like Cumana, Los Naranjos, Tomatal and Neptuno. These are all incredible clusters unique and uber-luxe villas that embody their tropical surroundings. In the center of Puerto, you'll find many different neighborhoods and accommodation options offering central locations and easy access to everything in Puerto's hub. To the north resides the growing VIVO development where new residents and vistors are flocking for some true uncrowded beach time.

Most of the Puerto Escondido coastline has quite rough conditions and is not swimmer-friendly. There are strong riptides and undertows that make it difficult, even for strong swimmers. That said, Carrizalillo offers a protected cove where ocean-lovers congregate to enjoy an afternoon in the water. Other spots may also be found throughout the region (including Puerto Angelito & Manzanillo), but be sure you ask before dipping your toes in, to be safe.