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On the first day/night of your arrival, you’ll likely want to relax and enjoy the benefits of your rental. So why not let us bring the service to you? Take advantage of our Arrival Day Package which includes the first three meals of your stay (i.e. dinner on arrival night with breakfast and lunch the following day), pre-arrival alcohol/beverage stocking at the property, and all groceries for each meal - freshly prepared & served in the comfort of your vacation home (clean-up included). If you’re staying in a resort, you might want to enjoy the on-site restaurants!


Get an early start and preview the coastline. Plan which beach you like best, by taking a 5 hour day-time trip on your own boat where you’ll experience all of Huatulco’s 36 beaches and 9 bays! You’ll want to leave bright and early in order to catch the calm water. If you’re feeling ambitious, dive in the water with the snorkel equipment provided on board! The boat crew will find some of the best snorkelling and swimming spots in the area, all while educating you on the many natural wonders along the way!


Wake up to a leisurely morning. For Breakfast, head to Cafe Huatulco in Santa Cruz to start your day off right! Spend the rest of your day relaxing and people watching on Santa Cruz beach! After that, look for the cobblestone pathway connecting Santa Cruz to La Crucecita and get to know the local town! If you happen to be in Huatulco on a Saturday, you might also want to visit the Organic Market (Saturdays Only). Also centered around the main square in La Crucecita, are a number of awesome restaurant options to choose from for dinner!


Take a day trip to the waterfalls; they are truly beautiful beyond words! You will be gone a full day (10am - 5pm) since trips to the waterfalls are usually bundled with trips to the coffee plantations. (DISCLAIMER: The ride up and back is very bumpy - be prepared!) Your time at the waterfall will be spent cooling off in the water, and admiring the view. After hiking up to the falls, you will find a tiny plantation and an awesome meal ready for you!


Rent a car and visit surfer’s paradise; Puerto Escondido! The drive to P.E. should take you about an hour to an hour and a half from Huatulco. Puerto Escondido is known for its many beaches and buzzing nightlife! If you plan to immerse yourself the nightlife, find your stay first and then head to Zicatela Beach for its renowned pipeline surf break. If you’re interested in learning how to surf, the neighboring beach - La Punta Beach - has smaller waves! In the evening, sunset-watching is a MUST! At Zicatela, you can watch the sun go down behind the surfers - truly a sight to see! At night, check out Foro Atemoztli for a good time!


Head back to Huatulco and stop at the town of Mazunte on the way(45 mins from Huatulco)! Grab a smoothie or lunch at El Tiburon and then discover the charming beach that Mazunte is known for. Spend your day at the beach and enjoy a sun-soaked afternoon. In the evening, visit La Empanada for an authentic and cozy dinner. Not only can you hangout for dinner but you can also lounge in the hammocks or play billiards!


Take a little break from so much activity! Head to La Bocana for a relaxing beach day and enjoy breakfast with a view at La Bocana Restaurante. While you’re at Bocana Beach, you might want to plan to get an authentic Zapotec Mud Bath for an absolutely unforgettable "spa" experience! The full-body mud treatment will leave your skin feeling silky smooth. Stay on Bocana beach to watch the sunset, and then head back in town (La Crucecita) to La Crema Bar which opens at 6:30pm for dinner to experience their well-known Oaxacan Pizza Pies and arguably the best cocktail list in town!


You truly haven’t experienced Huatulco until you’ve gone to Hagia Sofia (pronounced “Ahia Sophia”)! Grab some breakfast at your favorite place in town so far, then head over to the oasis located approximately 40 minutes into the mountains from Huatulco's core. "Slice of Heaven," "Agro-Ecological Wonderland," "A Day in Paradise" - are all comments used by past guests to describe this incredible local experience. A guided tour takes you on an awe inducing walk through the gardens as you will come into contact with over 60 varieties of organically grown floral plants! This tour will take up most of your day (6-7 hours) and lunch will be provided on-site. You’ll likely be tired after this day - take advantage of our pantry stocking options at the property for dinner!


Get an early start and head to West Park Cafe in Santa Cruz for breakfast! After that, spend the day at Santa Cruz beach. If you’re up for a little adventure while the water is still calm, rent some jet skis while you’re there! Each jet ski can accommodate up to two people and are taken out for up to 4 hours. For lunch or dinner, try one of our favorite spots in Santa Cruz - Rocoto! Not only will you be in for a culinary treat but the experience of meeting Chef Claudia is an adventure of its own! At nighttime, you might enjoy the experience of authentic salsa dancing at El Tonel in La Crucecita. Since the live music generally doesn’t start before 11 or 12, you might want to head back to your place after dinner for a nap because you won’t be home until the morning! 


Take a break. You’ve been doing a lot! Spend the day relaxing at your favorite of Huatulco’s 9 Beaches. Enjoy a self-directed itinerary for the day!


If you’re up for more adventure, plan to visit the Copalita Ecological Park and Ruins. Located about 10 minutes passed La Bocana, the site not only offers a historically enriching experience but also incredible scenery and wildlife. This affordable experience is a great place to spend a few hours in Huatulco! In the evening, you may want to head back toward the town and have dinner at Terra Cotta; a long-time local favorite. The restaurant offers a huge variety of menu options that will satisfy even the most picky palate!

NOTE: If you are a carrot cake lover, this may be the best you'll ever have! Don't miss it!!!


Start your morning off right with homemade pastries and strong Italian espresso at West Park Cafe in Santa Cruz. After that, enjoy a sun-soaked day at Chahue beach (10 minutes from Santa Cruz). Chahue beach also offers quick access to water-based activities that depart from the marina nearby. For lunch, we suggest heading to Sea Soul Beach Club in Chahue(Day passes are available for purchase)! The beach club is an amazingly comfortable and chic spot to catch some sun and enjoy a delicious lunch in their restaurant called Clio’s. In the evening, we recommend that you take advantage of the many sunset yacht charter tours that depart from the neighbouring marina (Santa Cruz Marina). To get the most out of this tour, book your start time a couple hours in advance of the sunset; this will allow you all the time in the world to relax, lay back and enjoy the views! 


Get all your souvenir shopping out of the way! You’ll find vendors and souvenirs all around in La Crucecita & Santa Cruz. To take home the ultimate souvenir - Oaxaca's unique and notable culinary trademarks - jump into a cooking class with our local culinary expert, Alfredo Patiño. If you are a guest of ours, we can bring this class right to your vacation home! You’ll be able to share your new skills from this experience with your friends and family back home! When you’re done, quickly get out of the kitchen and get back into relaxation! Hangout by the pool, or enjoy a poolside in-house massage!


If you’re an early riser, head to La Entrega beach before the crowds start swarming! Around 7 am the beach is quiet and empty except for the tour guide ready to take you out on any excursion of your choice (note: you will have access to lockers while you go out)! If you’re feeling ambitious, rent some paddle boards from Santa Cruz beach and paddle away to la Entraga! Then rent some snorkel equipment and witness all the beauty down under! For your last dinner in town (la Crucecita), try El Grillo Marinero; a local family owned restaurant best known for grilled seafood! (Tip: Ask for the scallops! It’s not on the menu) To end the night, go mezcal tasting at El Tonel Mezcal & Bar and pick one to take home!