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101+ things to do
in Huatulco



1. Rent a Local Home

One of the best ways to truly experience a culture is to become a part of the local community. By immersing yourself in one of Huatulco's coastal neighborhood's you can enjoy the unique architecure, the private vistas, the morning serenity, the neighborhood restaurants and the exposure to the flora and fauna all around you. The commmunity will welcome you with open arms and undoubtedly take you under its wing to show you a whole other side of the travel experience...Click here to view all properties and let our travel experts plan your most authentic vacation!

2. Day of the Dead Celebration

Thanks to Disney's movie Coco - this celebration has become an internationally enticing event! After Christmas, Day of the Dead is the next most important holiday in Mexico. You will see families visiting their dead relatives with gifts like mescal, beer, cigarettes, etc; special tamales, bread and chocolate are made just for the occasion. There will be mariachi and norteno bands playing songs and many people in the street dressed up in ornate costumes. Don't be shy, feel free to take pictures or request a song from the bands, but be sure to be respectful of the families celebrating the loss of their loved ones. If it is possible, try to head to Oaxaca for the festivities. They celebrate in a huge way each year.

3. Take a Trip Back in History

Bocana del Rio Copalita Eco-Archaeological Park offers a view into days gone by on the Oaxacan coast. It not only offers a historically enriching experience but also incredible scenery and wildlife. This affordable experience is a great place to spend a few hours in Huatulco. Entry includes access to a site museum which gives an excellent perspective on the cultures which inhabited the various regions of what is now the state of Oaxaca throughout the millennia and how Copalita and the other important centers on the coast similarly developed.

4. Brush Up on Your Spanish - Take a Class

Even if you are only in town for a week or two you will find that learning a few basics can really help you get around. If you´re out and about in town, don´t be surprised if someone asks you to exchange some english for some spanish vocab. If you need to brush up on your spanish, Join the Facebook Group Huatulco What's up...for recommendations on classes taking place while you're in town.

5. A Visit to the Original Santa Maria Huatulco

Although it may sound confusing, there are actually two Huatulco's in Oaxaca, Mexico. Santa Maria Huatulco is the original Huatulco, dating back to the 1500's. This town offers a glimpse of Oaxacan history as you meander through its cobblestone streets. Santa Maria is located approximately 8 miles west of the Huatulco international airport. Contact us to arrange this excursion!

6. Jump Into a Culinary Adventure With Local Chef Alfredo

This off the beaten path culinary tour will take you into the hidden pockets of Huatulco, not typically frequented by tourists. Having grown up in Huatulco, a true 'costeño', this local food expert will blow your taste buds into a new dimension with mouth watering moles, tempting Tlayudas and savory Oaxacan cheeses. If you are a food lover - this is your tour!

7. Try the Mezcal Experience

Head down to La Probadita in Santa Cruz to sample a wide variety of locally produced Mezcal. For something really special, pick up a bottle of the Anejo/Reposado combination and bring it down to the beach with you to watch the sun go down. For those who can't handle the Mezcal straight, pick up a few Crema De Mezcal which are flavored, creamy blended varieties of the popular spirit. TIP: The Chedraui grocery store has a great selection of mezcal and offers much better prices if you're looking to stock up before you head home!

8. Celebrate Mexican Independence Day

This celebration occurs in cities and towns all over Mexico, at around 11:00 on the night of September 15. It is lead by the President of Mexico who is broadcasted across the country as he rings the bell of the National Palace in Mexico City. After the ringing of the bell, he repeats a cry of patriotism (El Grito Mexicano) ending with the threefold shout of ¡Viva México! from the balcony of the palace to the assembled crowd in the Plaza de la Constitución, or Zócalo, one of the world's largest public plazas. After the shouting, he rings the bell again and waves the Flag of Mexico to the applause of the crowd. This is followed by the playing and mass singing of the Himno Nacional Mexicano, the national anthem. So get your windpipes ready to join the entire country as they cry out ¡Viva México!

9. People Watch - You Never Know Who Will Stroll By

If you are cruising on your bike or up for a stroll, roll on down to Santa Cruz and stop for a refreshing drink or maybe a bite to eat. Then just find a place in the shade, beat the heat and take in all the locals and tourists passing by.

10. Talk to Fishermen on the Beach. Appreciate Their Lifestyle

If you find yourself on Santa Cruz beach in the morning (over by the Pemex station), take a minute to watch, chat with and appreciate the hard work – and family oriented nature – of the local fishermen. If you're up for a little negotiation in Spanish, you can bring home a fresh catch to cook up for dinner! If you like the idea of this morning adventure, make Santa Cruz home for your stay in Huatulco at one of our awesome properties in this region.

11. Drive Down the Coast to Juchitan

Hop in your rental or hire a driver to take you down to Juchitan where you can experience the true Zapotec matriarchal society and colorful market. People in this region speak their original dialect with Spanish as their secondary language. Hopefully for you, you'll have the opportunity to meet a muxe(pronounced moo-she)!

12. Write an Article

There are various local publications and blogs that are always looking for a new perspective on Huatulco. Whether short notes, trip logs or photo journals, we would love to see them published!!

13. Volunteer Your Time

Volunteer your time - @ the Huatulco Red Cross, Bacaanda Foundation or with Un Nuevo Amanecer. Depending on your area of interest or expertise, the Huatulco community can always use your help. If you are a doc, EMT or nurse, the local Red Cross can sure use your help. If community activity, handicrafts and education are your preference, be sure to look up the Bacaanda foundation in Tangolunda.

14. Visit a Coffee Plantation

Tour an authentic Organic Coffee Plantation called Finca El Pacifico. The plantation has been in the Gomez family for generations. The head of the plantation is an expert at his craft and will absolutely introduce to his passion for coffee production. A typical day at the plantation consists of picking beans from the vast fields on location. People are so used to seeing the finished product that many don't realize that the beans start off as red berries - and it's the core of the berrie (the pit) that becomes the coffee! If you are a coffee addict, this tour is for you!

HUATULCO Music & Arts


15. Blues on the Beach Festival

Every January & February you will have the opportunity to participate in Huatulco's largest music festival. This collaboration of North American blues musicians brings one of the liveliest and most entertaining events on our coast. All profits from the event go to Un Nuevo Amanecer; a non-profit organization dedicated to helping children with mental and physical disabilities, as well as children exposed to high risk factors for disabilities. For more information, visit their Facebook page.

16. Hire a Mariachi Band

Mariachi bands create a festive and authentic soundtrack for any fiesta! Don't worry though - you won't have to leave your pool, the band will come to your private rental home! It's an experience you will not soon forget! Contact us to arrange your Mariachi experience!

17. Obtain a Tapestry from a Master Craftsman

The Museum of Oaxacan Art in Huatulco has a whole back room dedicated to this amazing art form. Each piece is handmade at the shop; in fact, before you even enter the boutique you will be greeted by a local craftsman at his workstation. Do not pass up an opportunity to purchase one of these master crafts.

18. See the Largest Painting of the Virgin de Guadalupe

Located on the square in La Crucecita is the gorgeous church – Parroquia de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe. This parish is home to the largest painting of the virgin de Guadalupe in Mexico.

19. Paint Some Pottery

In the Dreams and Camino Real Resorts you can take a seat at the pottery painting station and paint a wall hanging or other crafty ceramic item. The experts will glaze and touch it up for you to pick up later that day or the next as a great souvenir to take home!

20. Play the Bongos with the Backpackers

Located about 1hr 45 minutes from Huatulco. Puerto Escondido is a getaway even for the locals, with its stunning panoramic beach views and vast selection of entertainment. If you visit during surf season (summer months) you will most certainly see some world class surfers and film crews lining up to capture award winning surf vids.

21. Hit a High Note and Take in Some Live Music

The Friends of Music Huatulco group work hard to promote local, national and international musicians by staging performances in amazing seaside venues like Alfredo's. Check out jazz shows, traditional Mexican music, flamenco, choral with instruments, acapella quintet, chamber music concerts and more.

22. Watch Some Street Performers in the Zocalo

La Crucecita is centered around the main square or "the zocalo" which is an attraction all of its own. This grassy area lined with wide stone paths is often a platform for street musicians and artists to showcase their work. Coupled with benches and beautiful stone structures, The Zocalo makes a great backdrop for a stroll.

23. Discover Some Local Art

Bring home a true and unique memory of Huatulco by purchasing the work of a local artist. Susana Rubin's work is one of the first things you will see after landing at the Huatulco International Artwork as it is showcased throughout the terminal - inside and out. Don't miss the chance to visit her gallery in Santa Cruz where you may find artwork that makes your heart sing. For more information, visit Susana's Facebook page.

24. Everyone Needs a Mask

There is a man named Felix Martinez Molina in Southwest Mexico who carves the most amazing hand carved masks known as Huave masks. Felix and his family have been carving these masks for more than a quarter century. You can get a Huave Mask of your own at the Museum of Oaxacan Art in Huatulco.

25. Shop for Super Bright Creatures

Hunt down everything from hand carved masks to intricately woven rugs made on location. The Brightly colored, handcrafted and painted 'creatures' known as Alebrije or "winged dreams" will catch your eye as soon as you enter the Museum of Oaxacan Art in Huatulco. For more info, read here...



26. Pochutla Market

This is a hidden treasure, not often visited by tourists. This market, located about 45 minutes north of Huatulco, is a Monday extravaganza. Merchants from all the mountain pueblos make their way to this Mexican town to set up shop for the day selling their wares. Here you will find incredible deals on local pottery (cookware), fruits & veggies, clothing and footwear, etc. It is a good idea to take a guide with you who can help you navigate around as you can easily get lost in the crowds and endless streets of merchants.

27. Huatulco Organic Market

Huatulco's seasonal organic market offers a wonderful opportunity for you to engage with local merchants and to sample some of Oaxaca's bounty! From organic chocolate to fresh herbs and flowers...from pottery to handicrafts...and mezcal to fruits & veggies. It's hosted on Saturdays in the Santa Cruz square - dates change seasonally but calendars are always posted on their Facebook page.

28. Spend on Some Silver in La Crucicita

There are several great places to pick up some silver in and around the Zocalo. Don't expect it to be super cheap though. If you are looking for real silver, the first stamp to look for is ""925"", this means that the jewelry is 92.5% silver. You may also see ""950"" indicating that it is 95% silver, expect this to be more expensive. The second stamp to look for in ""Mex"" or ""Mexico"" this is an important one as often vendors try and fake the ""950"" or ""925"" but leave off the ""Mex"".

29. Buy Some Black Pottery (Barro Negro)

These traditional clay creations are locally known as "Barro Negro" and date back several centuries. They make excellent souvenirs as each piece is hand sculpted and truly unique. You can get your Barro Negro at the Museum of Oaxacan Art in Huatulco.

30. Fall in love with local embroidery fashion and decor

Experience the beautiful art of Tenango embroidery, found on many different fashion and decor items! Tenango is a style of embroidery which originated in the Tenango de Doria municipality, in the Mexican state of Hidalgo. It is a commercialized version of traditional Otomi embroidery. The most common elements are the flora and fauna found in the Tenango de Doria area, including chickens, dogs, wild birds, rabbits, horses, flowers and trees. Traditionally done on white or off-white background fabrics, these intricate designs can be made using many colors. Better tenangos have small, tight stitches, with a well-done tablecloth or bedspread taking up to six years to make! If you are in Huatulco be sure to check out La Artesana Folk Art on social media, where you can get custom pieces with Tenango embroidery and book an in-house product showcase!

31. Customize Your Linen Look at Nizadoo

This shop in Chahue represents its own in-house fashion line - offering the best linen clothing Huatulco has to offer. And, to sweeten the deal, they will do any and all customizations (including sizing & design adjustments and custom color changes in as little as 24 hours) as part of the pricetag. They also have custom swimwear and footwear - you have to check it out! Take advantage of the opportunity to customize your one-of-a-kind look!

32. Take Home an Authentic Hand Woven Rug

Get a glimpse of an art that originates from Teotitlán del Valle, a village located six hours north of Huatulco. This village is notorious for its intricately woven rugs, tapestries, and bags that have all been carefully handcrafted. Many of the larger rugs can take several months for an artist to complete. So, before starting to haggle, consider the value, the uniqueness and the respect for these artisans who continue to share this magnificent talent with visitors to the area. Artisans from this village who have spent the better part of their lives perfecting their craft, commonly relocate to tourist centers to share their art and culture with visitors. For the best options, visit Freddy in Santa Cruz.



33. Lease the Celebrity Lifestyle (If only for a week or two)

The celeb lifestyle isn't available to most of the population but in Huatulco, you can get a taste of it while you enjoy a vacation upgrade! These stunning oceanfront estates and villas can be leased for three nights or more and can accomodate you and your favorite people!! ADVANCED WARNING: YOU MAY NEVER WANT TO STAY AT A RESORT AGAIN & MAY HAVE EXTREME DIFFICULTY ADJUSTING BACK TO REAL LIFE. Allow our property specialists to introduce you to some of Huatulco's most stunning properties...Click here to begin the journey.

34. Have Your Cake and Eat It Too - Investments With Benefits

Once you spend a little time in Huatulco you may never want to leave!! If that is the case, you are going to need to invest in a property of your own. Allow our local Real Estate Expert, Valerie Verhalen from Resort Real Estate Services (RRES), to introduce you to Huatulco's property options and educate you on the buying process. The best part of this idea is that you can have other people pay for your dream home by renting it through My Huatulco Vacation! Click here to begin your journey...

35. Rent Out Your Vacation Property

Maybe you're already living the luxe life having become an owner in our community! If so, allow us to share what you've created with the rest of the world! In general, most property owners can only spend a portion of the year in their vacation home. By setting up a rental program, you will enjoy the extra income to offset your annual costs and even start producing a healthy reserve fund for the property. Or you can just enjoy the income to have more fun while you're in town!! Contact us to start your rental program now or click here to learn more about our company!

36. Hire a Private Chef

When you choose to rent one of the private villas in Huatulco, you are provided with world class kitchens so why not add a chef to that scene?! We can arrange to have a local chef visit you as often as you wish to prepare you authentic Mexican dishes in the comfort of your own space. Click here for options!

37. Rockstars Have Yachts (Rent a Yacht and Cruise the Pacific Ocean)

Explore the bays of Huatulco on a stunning cabin cruiser yacht. Enjoy this luxe experience as you sit back, relax, and take in the beautiful surroundings. You will have the opportunity to see as many as 6 bays including; Santa Cruz, Maguey, Organo, Cacaluta, Chachacual and San Agustin. This is truly an amazing way to spend a day in Huatulco. If you have a group of 6-12 people, chartering a local yacht can be as affordable as jumping in a panga or on a crowded party boat.



38. Add Some Spice to Your Life - Take a Cooking Class

If you follow travel industry publications like Nat Geo, Conde Naste or Travel & Leisure - you will surely have read about Oaxaca's unique and notable culinary trademarks. The rich blend of flavors and spices used to create dishes like Moles and Tlayudas will introduce you to a whole new understanding of "Mexican Food". Jump into a class with our local culinary expert, Alfredo Patiño, so you can bring this experience back home with you to share with friends and family. If you are a guest of ours, we can bring this class right into your vacation home! Click here to book the experience!

39. Have Dinner by the Ocean

Celebrate the best of Oaxaca at Ocean Restaurant & Bar. Chef Eugenio does a magnificent job of bringing together Oaxacan culinary fusion in his creative dishes - made to order. To top it off, take advantage of the fantastic Mezcal bar where you will find several varieties of small batch distillations that can't be easily found or purchased elsewhere. TIP: The appetizers can be combined to create a great tapas style meal!

40. Indulge in Some Legit Italian Gelato

Chiara has given Huatulco the gift that keeps on giving at That's Amore! Although it won't help with your bathing suit body, it will definitely help feed your sugar soul. This refreshing treat is made on-site and follows Chiara's Italian heritage in its authentic recipe and process. If you are an ice cream person...like us...this is your opportunity to indulge.

41. Shop for Fresh Produce at the Fresh Food Market

There are a variety of fresh food markets in and around La Crucecita. The freshest and best priced produce is available at Fruver. All produce comes in on Tuesday and Friday morning - if you want anything special get there when the delivery truck arrives. If you want to push the ""easy button"", use our pantry stocking service and let us do the heavy lifting for you while you sit in your lounger and sip your margarita!

42. Stay Cool and Connected at Terra Cotta

Enjoy a delicious meal while taking advantage of the air conditioned environment and free wifi in this centrally located restaurant. A long-time local favorite dining locale offers a huge variety of menu options that will satisfy even the most picky palate. A tip to remember is that if you are a carrot cake lover - this may be the best you'll ever have! Don't miss it!!!

43. Eat Dinner With the Austrians

A favorite dining spot with locals and tourists alike, Viena has become a landmark for great food and fun. Its two Austrian hosts (Helmut and Manfred) will welcome you with open arms to see if their Schnitzel makes the cut!

44. Start Your Morning Off Right at West Park Cafe

Daily homemade pastries and strong italian espresso bring in a steady stream of locals. Here you will find a hub for Huatulco's social buzz. Whether dropping by to grab pastries-to-go or hanging out for the chance to say hello to local friends, Max (the owner) will be awaiting you with a smile and some powerful caffeine to kick start your day.

45. Mmmmmmm.... Chocolate

Oaxacan chocolate offers a unique flavor and texture which is more muted than folks are used to in the US or Canada. It is a quite grainy in consistency. Several flavors of chocolate are available to choose from including vanilla, milk chocolate, mocha and dark chocolate. The 'traditional' Oaxacan chocolate flavor contains cinnamon and almond. The chocolate is sold in balls, bars and chips. Pick some up at La Probadita in La Crucecita before you leave town.

46. Sample Succulent Seafood

The oceanfront restaurant lineup on Santa Cruz beach offers some of the best options for local seafood. If you are willing to go a little farther afield, you can also find more competitively priced awesome seafood by heading into La Crucecita to find La Red or El Grillo Marinero. To be honest, no matter where you are in Huatulco, fresh seafood is never far away - you will find a little of it on almost every menu in town.

47. Share a Cerveza with a Vaquero

Mexico's great ranch expanses have spawned a whole Vaquero or "cowboy" culture and Finca de Vaqueros is a cowboy bar/restaurant of the finest order. To accompany your cerveza, their standard fare is charros (delicious beans in a tomato sauce), and a "mixta" platter that includes arrachera (marinated steak), chorizo and ribs - Los Vaqueros is the place to be.

48. Alfredo's Restaurant and Bar

What can we say, we just LOVE ALFREDO'S! This central spot offers an awesome option for an inexpensive dinner or a night of drinking - often offering great live music once the sun goes down. Bringing locals and tourists together in the shared pursuit of eating and partying - it is always a great place to head for your night on the town. If you don't like to have fun, definitely go elsewhere.

49. Mole Mole Mole

Mole is the name given to this unique Oaxacan sauce available at La Probadita in La Crucecita or the Huatulco market. Mole is a thick consistency, much like a paste. It has an impressive list of ingredients; 7 types of chiles, bananas, pears, apples, cinnamon, chocolate, tomatoes, onions, garlic, plain cookies, spices, sesame seeds, almonds, raisins and peanuts. Despite the long list of ingredients the mole comes in just two flavors, Red (hot) and Black (sweet). In Red Mole there are more chiles and less chocolate, while in Black Mole there are less chiles and more chocolate. If you're feeling the mole vibes, sign up for a cooking class and learn how to make your own.

50. Sample Nature's Sweet Nectars

There is nothing like sipping on a glass of fresh juice from a blend of exotic fruits. When you are passing through La Crucecita be sure to stop in at Zamora. With 18 advertised blends of fruits and vegetables available daily, you will absolutely find something delicious to wet your whistle. Located across the street from Oasis Café on the southeast corner of the main square.

51. "The" Huatulco Dining Experience - Rocoto

Not only are you in for a culinary treat but the experience of meeting Chef Claudia is an adventure of its own. Her animated descriptions of the daily specials will make your mouth water like it never has before! Her creative approach and culinary fusion bring together flavors from different latin american regions - and the result is explosive! Beyond the food, this spot is a HUB for Huatulco social life. You'll see everyone getting up to greet and cheek-kiss each other all meal long. It's a wonderful place to truly experience Huatulco.

52. Fine Food Market

If you're looking for something international, La Meridiana is a grocery store which sells the finest Italian products: wine, cheese and other quality foods. Word on the street is that once a month they host a wine and charcuterie night!

53. Grab Yourself a Pizza Pie

Surprisingly, there is quite the Italian presence on the Oaxacan coast (due to a cult sixties Italian movie filmed close by), and the pizza is excellent at quite a few restaurants in town. La Crema is a funky throwback to the sixties with its head shop and batik bedspread ceiling, serves up crispy thin crust pizza from its wood-fired traditional domed pizza oven. Another great place to grab a slice of pizza is La Teresina on Colorin – a tiny place with old Italian family recipes.

54. Try the Pollo en Barro at Santa Clara

The Pollo en Barro at Santa Clara is absolutely AMAZING! A whole chicken slow cooked in clay with a mix of chiles and herbs. This dish is definitely one to seek out during your stay.



55. Catch a Wave in La Bocana

If surfing is your thing, then La Bocana is going to be your best bet as far as beaches go. Wake up at one of our unique and luxury beachfront properties and go for a nice surf in the morning! It is also the home of Bocana Surf School where you can rent a board. If surfing isn't your thing...take in a local mud bath, nature walk or beach massage...you really can't go wrong with this spot.

56. Visit all 36 Beaches

Huatulco is famous for its nine bays and 36 beaches. It is difficult to see them in all in one trip. You might have to come back a couple times since you will no doubt find yourself sidetracked with activities like snorkeling, mud baths, jet skiing and sunbathing that will eat away at your day.

57. Take Your Kids to the Beach

When you are travelling in a group with children, sticking to kid friendly locations is mandatory. The top three beaches to take the little ones to are Maguey, Tejoncito and Santa Cruz Beach. Bring your beach ball or buckets and shovels and spend a great day with the family. TIP: Be careful in Tangolunda and Chahue, both of these beaches have a pretty strong undertow.

58. Have a Family Photo Shoot on the Beach

While you have your camera or phone out taking a pic of your autograph, why not huddle the family together in front of the gorgeous Pacific Ocean backdrop for a memorable family photo. Contact our concierge to set up your professional family photo shoot while you're in town!

59. Watch Cruise Ships and Mexican navy Ships in the Bay

"Throughout the High Season in Huatulco there is a good deal of traffic in the Santa Cruz harbour. Kick back on the beach for a closer look or watch the Navy and Cruise Ships roll in from a distance. To maximize your harbour view, book your stay at one of our properties overlooking this bay. "

60. You are Awesome and We Want Your Autograph

If you're tripping and traveling from beach to beach, why not write your name in the sand. Take a photo and tag us on Instagram or Facebook! @myhuatulcovacation

61. Take a Photo and Tag Us on Instagram @MyHuatulcoVacation

Share your best pics from your trip to Huatulco by tagging our Instagram account! We might even repost your photo...

62. Ocean Swimming

You can swim in many parts of the ocean along Huatulco's coastlines. Some portions are more challenging than others and should be left for more advanced swimmers. The best ocean swimming conditions can be found in Tejoncito. A local swimmer won a national 5km competition in Acapulco last year…do you think you could beat his time?

63. Find the Secret Beach

It exists but you are going to have to be adventurous to find it. It will not be easy to reach. Can you find it without asking someone?

64. Search for Some Sea Glass

Taking the time to stroll the Huatulco shoreline comes with a bonus that sparkles in the midday sunlight. Interspersed among small seashells is a bounty of sea glass that is ripe for the plucking. Strike the mother load of these gems in Puerto Angel, a sleepy fishing village a little less than an hour's ride from Huatulco. To bring some sea glass art home with you, check out the unique and creative gallery at Coastal Creations - you will surely find something super cool and affordable.

65. Get a Game of Beach Volleyball Going

A great way to spend the afternoon in the sun. Find some friends and head down to the beach for a friendly match of barefoot volleyball!

66. Do Absolutely Nothing

You are on vacation - who says you have to fill your hours with things to do? One of the best things about Huatulco is the fact that you can stretch out in the sun and just pass some time. Our favorite spot to chill (don't tell anyone) is on a poolside lounger in one of Montecito Beach Village's super luxe private villas. The hardest part is deciding which villa...ADVANCED WARNING: YOU WILL PROBABLY NEED TO TAKE YOUR SUNGLASSES OFF TO WATCH THE WHALES JUMPING OUT OF THE WATER.



67. Swim With the Fish

It's not every day that you get the chance to see a giant sea turtle or manta ray in their natural habitat. With an impressive 30+ dive sites each full of marine life and rock formations, Huatulco is a great place to scuba dive! Browse our online Huatulco Scuba Guide before setting up your underwater adventure!

68.Get Your PADI Certification With Gravity Sports Divers

Get your PADI open water certification in Huatulco. Local diving experts have been exploring the underwater coastline for more than 25 years and provide an enjoyable, confidence building experience. The equipment is first rate and the dive sites are very rewarding.

69. Save a Seahorse Ride a ...

Well I don't know, but head to Playa el Violin to catch a glimpse of one of the coolest creatures in the ocean. The sea horse tends to stay in shallow depths and travel in adorable pairs. Don't forget to bring your GoPro to capture the moment on video! If you want to explore this magnificent location, stay at one of our property options in this region!

70. Dive at a Real Shipwreck

El Naufrago is a shipwreck located below the lighthouse in Huatulco. This 50+ year old wreck is really just a big debris field, with only the boiler, anchor and chain, and deck cargo of small tracked vehicles remaining to show that it once was a ship. There are always some brilliant blue and yellow sweepers and Moorish idols inside the boiler. Down on the flats, you'll probably see some monstrously large rays.

71. Observe Underwater Beauty at its Finest at Cacaluta Beach

Hands down, the most beautiful dive spot in Huatulco!! As one of the protected ecological zones in Huatulco, this is the absolute epitome of a tropical oceanic paradise! See living coral, sea turtle, seahorses, eagle rays, lobsters, mantas, sharks and moray eels. This is a fantastic dive site...not to mention a jaw droppingly beautiful beach! Intrigued? Click here to make it happen!

72. Spot an Eagle Ray at Montosa

"Divers can spot Eagle Rays and all kinds of aquatic life at this nearby dive site. Beginners have to access volcanic rocks without having to go in holes. Experienced divers will enjoy experiencing the odd sensation of going to and from the holes using the surge to propel them. The views at La Montosa are amazing and it's rare to see other divers here. To explore this experience, we recommend a half-day two tank dive!

73. Dive Deep with Mantasand Grouper... and Nurse Sharks

Tapesco offers great depths and impressive rock formations that are perfect for exploration. This dive site requires advanced open water diver skill level. Located further from shore than most Huatulco dive sites – the attraction of this site is the depth. Get the most out of this adventure with a full-day two tank dive.



74. Enjoy a Nice Zapotec Mudbath

For an absolutely unforgettable "spa" experience, head down to La Bocana beach for an authentic Zapotec mud bath. Loved by locals, the silt in this region turns to mud, called "lodo," which reportedly has medicinal healing powers and has been used by several indigenous tribes for hundreds of years. Get a full-body mud treatment that will leave your skin feeling silky smooth. Beware! Your clothes will be stained by the mud. If you love being up close and personal with the oceanfront minerals...stay in one of the properties on this beach!

75. Discover Your Natural Beauty in Mazunte

Visit the Cosméticos Naturales de Mazunte, S. de S.S and discover the amazing story behind this Natural cosmetics shop that offers a wide range of eco friendly products. Founded by key players at The Body Shop and 15 local families, Mazunte. Natural Cosmetics is a must visit for those interested in Eco Tourism. Not only will you be helping the local economy but you'll be walking away with some phenomenal products! It's a tour worth taking...

76. Relax Your Mind Body & Spirit with some Yoga

What could be more soothing to the soul than a morning yoga class? Picture yourself watching the palm trees sway in the breeze, listening to the birds chirp their morning song, and hearing the waves lapping on the beach as you stretch your worries away. Regular yoga retreats are also scheduled.

77. Take a Bike Ride

Take it all in as you ride through charming neighborhoods and stunning lookout points. Head to Tangolunda for your bike rental if the villa or resort you are staying at does not have one for you. If you want to hit some trails and ride, you can get in touch with Aventura Mundo. They offer a variety of guided tours or you can rent bikes and discover the area on your own. This company can be found in Tangolunda plaza, near Tangolunda Bay.

78. Go For a Run

Known for its mountainous terrain, Huatulco is the perfect place to work on those hill intervals! The Huatulco fitness secret is to get up bright and early if you're planning to get a run in. With temperatures quickly rising with the sun, it's important to put foot to pavement as early as possible. Many main roads have sidewalks where you can run (the coastal road offers wonderful views). A great and easy route is to run along the main road from Santa Cruz towards Tangolunda Bay. Bring drinking water! The tropical climate can easily cause dehydration.

80. Pamper Yourself at the Xquenda Spa

Xquenda Spa, adjacent to Chahue Beach, is home to an olympic sized pool that you can use for a fee if you would like to include it as part of a spa treatment day at this deliciously wonderful local day spa. What better thing to do than reward an intense swimming workout with an indulgent morning of spa services? This spa also offers a unique Oaxacan steam-hut experience (Temazcal).

81. Hit the Gym

Huatulco Fitness is a traditional fitness center (gym) offering all the usual equipment – stationary bikes, elliptical machines, treadmills, etc. along with all the weight equipment you need. They also offer classes, including: aerobics, zumba and some salsa. Day passes are available for about $5/day. The gym is open 6am to 10pm Monday to Saturday.

82. Run Swin & Bike in the ITU Triathalon (or Just Watch)

Santa Cruz is all a buzz with excitement once a year while hosting the ITU Triathlon. If you happen to be in town during the event, head down to cheer on runners, bikers and swimmers in the amateur and pro divisions. [If you are a superstar go here to enter and set the pace.]

83. Breathe Some Fresh Clean Air

Most of us live in places that pump pollution into the air around our homes. Not in Huatulco! Huatulco is one of the few places to earn the EarthCheck Gold Certification.



84. Celebrate Your Honeymoon

So maybe you are getting married in Cancun or Acapulco. Why not make the short trip to Huatulco to celebrate an ultra romantic honeymoon? Whether you choose to stay at one of the area resorts or rent a more private villa, Huatulco is a place where you can get away from the busy holiday crowds and find some real alone time with your new bride or groom. For those who choose to get married in Huatulco, there is no need to go anywhere. You are already in Paradise!

85. Watch the Full Moon Rise

If you are lucky enough to be in Huatulco during a full moon, plan ahead and find yourself a spot to watch the moonrise! The unique location of Huatulco makes it one of the few places where you can watch both the moonrise and sunset. Do not miss out on this phenomenon! Get together with some friends on the beach or on the rooftop for cocktails and watch the fiery red ball creep out of the Pacific Ocean. This is surreal experience to say the least. Conejos and Bocana are the best spots to take it all in.

86. Share a Kiss on a Cliff in La Bocana

This spot will make your heart skip a beat. With dramatic cliffs that melt into the water facing an incredible view of the open Pacific, sunrise over this beach will offer the perfect surrounding for that special moment. To make it even more special, watch the sunrise over Bocana from the comfort of your king sized bed in Villa Vidu's stunning master bedroom. You can take a very private stroll along this quiet beach and listen to the sounds of romance as the surf crashes down on the La Bocana shores in front of you.

87. Skinny Dip Under the Stars

Since you are already on the beach watching the moonrise, and there's no one else around….why not strip down, do some cartwheels and skinny dip under the moon and stars! Be free my friends - be free.

88. Take a Moonlight Float Tour

Gently float down hearing the sounds of nature and gazing at the stars above until you reach La Bocana beach where snacks and drinks await around a bonfire. This tour is available on the full moon as well as 2 days before and two days after the Full moon.

89. Get Hitched Under a Palm Tree

The beautiful beaches and exotic backdrops of Huatulco's scenery provide the ideal location to host your destination wedding. Get your friends and family on the plane or elope with your significant other. Your friends will be jealous of your awesome wedding.

90. Trash Your Dress

After your dream wedding ceremony in Huatulco, the "thing" to do is "Trash The Dress". Get the bridesmaids together and go play in the sand. This is definitely a moment to be captured for posterity so give Samuel Luna a call and have him swing by with his camera for some great pics.



91. Swim in the Cool Waters at Cascadas Magicas

The falls are beautiful beyond words!! There are places to swim and cool off in the water. If you want to visit with a guide, you will hike up to the falls and find a tiny plantation where you will have an awesome meal. The ride up and back is very bumpy though – be prepared.

92. Eat Some Insects

If you're feeling particularly adventurous you can pick up a jar of grasshoppers - an ideal item to bring out at your next social gathering! These tasty local treats are cooked/fried in lime juice and salt and are quite good (once you get over the idea of putting a grasshopper in your mouth). They offer a really unique flavor and texture and are definitely something different to bring home with you!! Best served with Guacamole, stop by and pick some up at La Probadita in La Crucecita.

93. See the Bioluminescent Lagoon

The Manialtepec lagoon is populated with millions of known dinoflagellate microorganisms which give off the natural phenomenon of Bioluminescence! The lights or "brightness" in the water is the result of a chemical reaction between substances present in them which when combined, flash. When produced, a type of light is generated, which is called bioluminescence. They sparkle when the water is agitated by a boat, with the oars, with your hands, when it simply rains or when swimming! Witness the unique bioluminescence phenomenon - this tour is not one to be missed!

94. Tour the Three Levels of Huatulco

This half-day town tour of Huatulco, allows you to discover the magic that lies between shoreline and the mountains! First, wander the streets of Santa Maria and absorb its architecture. Take in the town hall and the lovely church during your free time to wander around. Stop off at the market and see what crafts you can take as souvenirs. You will then carry on up the mountain to Pluma Hidalgo which sits 5,000 feet above sea level. This is a real slice of Mexico life, a small town nestled among the clouds where you can sample and purchase locally grown and prepared coffee

95. Go White Water Rafting

Harness your sense of adventure on this Huatulco rafting tour. Offering both advanced and beginner level excursions, these rafting tours are an excellent group activity. All rafting tours are run on the Copalita river which stems from the Sierra Madre and veers through the jungle before meeting up with the Pacific Ocean and La Bocana beach. What distinguishes each run, apart from the length, is the sections you will be taken on, which provide different classes of rapids.

96. Deep Sea Fishing

Huatulco is known for its abundant sea life, and you won't want to miss the opportunity to reel in a fresh catch! Our experienced captains have been fishing these waters for years and are excited to share their knowledge of the beautiful waters in Huatulco's 9 Bays! Tag us in your Instagram photos (@myhuatulcovacation) if you reel one in! Click here to book your tour!

97. Go Whale Watching

Hire a captain to cruise the Pacific waters in the early part of the year as the whales are making their annual migration journey. Many different types of whales have been spotted along the coastline – most likely you'll get a chance to either see a humpback or orca. The ideal option for adventuring with the whales is to charter a yacht for the day and follow the ocean activity with your own crew who always aim to please!

98. Ride ATVs Like a Boss

Follow trails on dirt roads on your ATV and enjoy some of Huatulco's best scenery. Stop for a drink or snack, and then hop back on your ride to roll to your next destination. You can either race through the jungle in pursuit of refreshing waterfalls or venture through the National Park until you reach the first of Huatulco's 9 bays (San Agustin) where you will find some world class snorkeling!

99. Go to the Iguana Sanctuary

A hidden secret on the Copalita river... you can visit a local effort being made to protect these native creatures. Existing only on local donations – this preserve is a way to get to know these reptiles a little more intimately!

100. Go Bird Watching

Those with an appreciation for birds and wildlife will love this Huatulco Bird Watching excursion. Home to over 400 species of birds, this tour appeals to nature enthusiasts and birders alike!

101. Go Paddle Boarding

If you love sea and water sports then you cannot miss the opportunity to try stand up paddle boarding! Besides great fun in the ocean or lagoon! Stand Up Paddle Boarding is ideal for exercise and good times with friends and family. Very easy to learn and it is so versatile! The water allows you to practice this activity with and without waves.

102. Visit Hagia Sofia

You truly haven't experienced Huatulco until you've gone to Hagia Sofia, pronounced [Ahia Sophia]. "Slice of Heaven," "Agro-Ecological Wonderland," "A Day in Paradise" - all comments used by past tour guests to describe this incredible local experience. This Huatulco Eco-Tour is sure to leave you with a humbling sense of the work that goes into maintaining this haven. Located approximately 40 minutes into the mountains from Huatulco's core you will find this oasis. A guided tour takes you on an awe inducing walk through the gardens as you interact with over 60 varieties of organically grown floral plants, many of which are marked by staked signs for your benefit.

103. Rent a Car and Cruise the Oaxacan Coast

There is nothing like the feel of the open road. Cruising down the blacktop with the Pacific Ocean stretching out beside you. There are plenty of rental shops in and around Huatulco. Once you get to Pochutla, roughly 35 minutes outside of Huatulco, you have the option to divert to a local coastal road (turning left at the lights) that will lead you through the most charming oceanside villages where you can enjoy an amazing day on the beach or just soaking up the coastal bohemian vibes. Traveler Tip - AVIS car rental is the only option that doesn't require you to purchase extra insurance.

104. Go Sailing

Visit the Santa Cruz Marina where you will want to board the 45ft Monohulls with 48ft sails. This sailing tour includes a couple of stops during the sailing adventure! First, you will stop to have a dip in the ocean and get to know the waters of Huatulco. Second, you will experience the amazing and beautiful sea life while snorkeling! Once you have completed snorkeling, you will board the boat once again to travel the beach to have lunch. Here you will relax for some time before heading back to the marina.



105. Huatulco Film & Food Festival

If you happen to be in Huatulco during the Film & Food Festival you are in for a treat. The Municipality of Huatulco, The Huatulco Hotel Association and the Ministry of Tourism of the State of Oaxaca and others support this annual event, intended to be a celebration of food - the oldest form of cultural identity - and film - the cultural expression of our times.(More info is available on their Facebook page)

106. Rock Out Old School Style at La Crema

La Crema is a Huatulco institution - you see everyone from wealthy Mexico city patrons to famous surfers. Spacious but dark, this quirky, rock-themed den boasts loud tunes, the best cocktail list in town and delicious wood-oven pizza. The hard-partying university students knock 'em back while eyeing the action from a perch overlooking the Plaza Principal.

107. Dance the Night Away at La Papaya

Located on Boulevard Chahué, La Papaya is a popular dance club, open Thursday through Saturday into the wee hours.

108. Drinks at the Sky Lounge @ The Quinta Real

It isn't everyday that you can enjoy a margarita in a treehouse bar! This unique setting is worth a visit. Built on a platform among the treetops, this bar offers a very different and upscale atmosphere. It's a great place to grab a nightcap after enjoying a dinner at the Quinta Real's incredible 5 star restaurant, overlooking Tangolunda Bay at night. Sky Lounge is Huatulco's only true Martini bar.

109. Salsa Dance at El Tonel

Prepare to be one of the only tourists in this favorite local hub. The crowd is a combination of the young in age and young at heart - just looking to enjoy great exercise on the dance floor! The live music generally doesn't get started before 11 or 12 but the musicians play until 4 or 5am. So don't forget to take a nap before you head out for the night because you won't be home until the morning! :)



110. Indulge the Camino Real Beach Club Buffet

Camino Real is a 5 star resort located on Tangolunda Bay – giving you access to all the resort amenities you could want. Their full upscale breakfast buffet often doesn't get the recognition it deserves because the resort doesn't do Full Service however, it is the nicest in the area.

111. Secrets Resort Huatulco

The oceanfront spa at Secrets is, in a word, ah-mazing ... Let your body, mind and spirit surrender to the pleasures at the world-class Secrets Spa. For those guests seeking a sanctuary for the senses, the spa will offer an atmosphere of pure indulgence, elite services and quality products. You'll experience an soul soothing, peaceful and indulgent day of bliss.

112. Dreams Resort Huatulco

If you are a traveler renting a private villa or condo, you may be ready for a little taste of the resort life. Dreams offers a wonderful family atmosphere where visitors can purchase a half or full day pass to participate in the all inclusive lifestyle for a day. Pricing and availability is based on occupancy levels in the resort. You can contact the resort directly or just roll up to the front gate to inquire about access.

113. Reserve a Spot on the Beach

The beach club gives you access to a large restaurant and bar where they serve reasonably priced meals. They also have an expansive drink menu that allows you to sit back and relax on the beach with a cool cocktail in hand.

114. Sculpt and Bronze Your Beach Bod at the Barcelo

For those of you that spend a full winter in Hux, the Barcelo offers memberships with access to gym, pools, steam room and beach loungers.

115. Visit Sea Soul Beach Club for Sun & Fun

This modern beachfront oasis in Chahue offers an amazingly comfortable and chic spot to catch some rays and enjoy a delicious lunch (at Clio's). Day passes are available for purchase. They also host yoga & aquafit classes! Visit their FB page for more info.

/// Important Huatulco Contact Numbers

Address: Blvd. Benito Juarez S/N, Bahia de Tangolunda
Phone: 52.958.581.0176
Phone 1: 958.581.9035
Phone 2: 958.581.9003

Phone: 958.587.0186
Phone: 958.583.4080
Phone: 958.587.0847

Phone: 958.587.0104
Phone: 958.587.1188

Address: Blvd. Chahue Frente A Fonatur
Phone: 958.587.0483
La Crucecita

Address: Bugambilia 503 Loc.2
Phone: 958.587.0232


A map of La Crucecita at street level


Regional map of Puerto Escondido


A map of the entire Huatulco Region (Oaxaca).


A map of all the bays that make up the Pacific Coast region Mexico.


A street level map of Chahue


A map of the real estate sectors in Huatulco.


A handy street map for getting around Santa Cruz.


Regional map of Puerto Angel


Huatulco Dive Map courtesy of Hurricane Divers


Street level map of Huatulco.


/// Huatulco International Airport (HUX)


An up to date resource for all scheduled flights into Huatulco, Mexico. Listings include flights to Huatulco from Canada, USA and Mexico as well as contact information for all participating airlines.


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