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Huatulco Residential Zones

Las Palmas

Describing the experience of Las Palmas is challenging with just words as it offers such a richly sensorial experience. Driving to the region takes less than 10 minutes from the main resort areas or the town of Santa Cruz

You will crest the top of a cliffside vista surrounded by the richness of the Bahias de Huatulco National Park's flora and magnificence. With thousands of surrounding acres of protected land, you will feel an incredible sense of natural isolation and peacefulness.

All of the accommodations in Las Palmas are close to the cliffside. Take a short walk and you'll be able to go to one side and witness a breathtaking sunrise, and later in the day, you can go to the other side to soak in an equally beautiful sunset! And, if you're willing to wait it out for a few more hours, you will witness one of the most unreal and memorable sites - a sky full of brilliant stars (if you're lucky a falling star might just grace your moment at Las Palmas).

Now, combine these views with the rich sound of the waves on the shores and add in a tranquil beachfront and you have got a stunning backdrop for a wonderful vacation. Best of all - you are not more than 10 minutes from town, other bays and lots of activities…if you ever feel you need to leave these surroundings.

Las Palmas is not tainted by excess development or attractions, which is a nice change. Access to the amenities found in the more developed bays is painless via a short drive east. This awesome combination of seclusion and convenience results in the best of both worlds. Las Palmas is a great area for anyone looking for tranquil surroundings and easy access to town.

Stargaze on a clear night. There is nothing like stretching out or strolling down a peaceful beach under the light of the moon. In Las Palmas you will find ideal conditions to see millions of stars in the night time sky. This is perfect way to spend a romantic moment with someone you love.