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Sometimes planning a vacation out of town can be confusing. You are bound to have some questions. Check out the sections to the right for answers to many of the questions you will have about renting property in Huatulco.

Absolutely! Please visit our Covid Testing Page for details on how we can support you with your travel needs and testing requirements. Link: https://www.explorehuatulco.com/Covid-19-Testing-Centers-Huatulco

As a start, you may be happy to learn that all of our Property Profiles feature interactive calendars where you can review availability and receive a live quote! Explore here: https://www.explorehuatulco.com/escapia

For general seasonality, please see details below: 

Low season: Beginning of May to mid-November

High Season: Mid-November to end of April

Holiday periods: Weeks of Christmas and New Years and Easter/Semana Santa

Properties can be booked as early as a year and a half in advance or as late as 48 hours prior (for most properties). The previous year's renters are always given priority to rebook for the same dates. Villa availability is shown on the property profile page and is updated daily. We are also constantly adding new villas and condos to the site and our Property Specialists will work with you to find the perfect vacation rental.

If you would like to book online, there is a BOOK NOW tab on the right-hand side of the property profile. By clicking on that tab, you will find a reservation form that you can use to put a temporary hold on your property. Upon receiving this form, My Huatulco Vacation will place a 48-hour courtesy hold on the property and a digital contract will be issued by email. The final step will be an emailed Booking Confirmation when payment has been received.

If you prefer some help, our Property Specialists will work with you to decide on the perfect property! When you have chosen where you would like to stay, our Property Specialists will enter the reservation into our booking system which will generate a digital contract to confirm and secure your booking. You will receive a Booking Confirmation by email once payment has been processed.

Our properties are enabled with live availability; which means if the dates are showing as available on our website, you're clear to book using the BOOK NOW button on the property profile! 

NOTE: There are a few select properties (labled as "Partner Properties") where availability will need to be confirmed on a booking-by-booking basis. These properties do not show a BOOK NOW option and instead require you to inquire for details.

Most of our properties have a 2-night minimum booking duration. The select few properties that have different booking minimums will be outlined on their property profile page. Please note - longer bookings are often privileged with reduced monthly rates. Inquire directly for more details.

All rental rates are quoted in US Dollars. Payment is in US Funds only. The initial reservation deposit is due by Visa, Mastercard, or money wire at time of booking. The total cost will be detailed out for you in the digital contract and will outline deposit amount, final payment amount and the agency service charge of $95.00 which is standard across all bookings. Tax is included in the rates.

The initial deposit of 30% will be charged to your credit card upon receipt of your signed digital contract plus the $95.00 administration fee. The remaining 70% may be paid by Visa, Mastercard, or money wire six weeks prior to occupancy. All bookings made less than 60 days in advance of occupancy must be paid in full by Visa, Mastercard, or money wire upon confirmation.

We encourage travellers to seek out cancellation insurance from a third-party provider. If booking is made on Visa or Mastercard, you can inquire about insurance potentially provided by said credit card.

If you choose not to take third party insurance, our cancellation policy will take effect.  Regarding our cancellation policy and general recommendations, we always recommend purchasing vacation rental insurance to all guests to supplement our internal policy. For our company policy, in the event that you need to cancel for any reason, you have until 30 days prior to arrival to postpone your booking to new dates in the same property. This will allow you to move your reservation to the future with no date change fee while retaining the full value of your payment (whether a deposit or full payment). Payment once processed is non-refundable unless Huatulco as a destination is closed to tourism over your dates on a government level, should that occur you would be eligible for a full refund.

The security deposit amount varies for each property but is generally $500 USD. This deposit is taken to guarantee that the property is left in the same condition as found upon arrival. The property manager will tour the property prior to departure to ensure there is no damage. Any damage noted will be signed off on with you so you are clearly aware of any issues. Renters are also expected to use telephone cards for any long distance phone calls. Any calls charged to the property will result in a processing fee plus reimbursement to the owner.

The security deposit is provided to My Huatulco Vacation through a credit card approval form at the time you complete your booking form. This amount is NOT held against your credit card and will not be charged unless a claim is made against you by the owner or property manager.

Once we have received the signed digital contract and have processed your deposit, a booking confirmation will be emailed to you which will include your receipt of payment, important contacts, and the amount owing on your booking. 

One of our Guest Services team members will meet you at the property at an agreed upon time with keys and will allow you access to the property. They will also answer any questions you have about the property.

The check in time is 3:00 pm and the check out time is 11:00 am. The property managers require that time between bookings to do the security check and to provision the property for the next renters.

Every property in our rental collection includes pre-arrival and post-departure cleaning service. Many of our properties have additional maid service included in the rental. Each property has specific details regarding maid service so make sure to check out the property profile for these details.

All property descriptions include a detailed list of the amenities available at each property; in general, all essentials are included (linens, towels, drinking water, etc.) but the provision of shampoo and soap, etc. varies from property to property – make sure you verify details on the property profile.

Please do not assume that a property is pet free just because the property states no pets for renters. Some owners have pets but still restrict renters from bringing pets. If you have allergies, please check the with our Property Specialists so we can confirm this for you.

If the property owner allows pets, this will be noted in the property profile. If the profile states no pets, this must be respected. Some owners have allergies and/or are concerned about damages, neighbours, etc. If pets are permitted, this means one pet maximum. If you have more than one pet, please ensure this is discussed prior to arrival. If the property states no pets, you will be charged a mandatory $350 cleaning fee and will be expected to reimburse the owner for any damage that has been done to the property as a result of your pet.

We appreciate your respect around this issue.

For many renters, entertaining or having guests is part of the overall vacation plan. If you anticipate that you will be accommodating extra guests, please ensure the property you have rented has a maximum occupancy rate that fits your party size.

The maximum occupancy details are clearly stated on the property profile. Please see terms and conditions for our policy on exceeding this maximum number of guests.

Cell service is available throughout Huatulco – check with your service provider for rates.

Most properties include stocked purified water. However, you should plan on provisioning for this for the duration of your stay. One of the add-on services offered by My Huatulco Vacation is pantry stocking prior to arrival plus a re-stock once during your visit. This provisioning can include bottled water. Under no circumstances should you drink water directly from the taps. We would encourage you to use purified water for washing your fruits and vegetables.

Our Guest Services Concierge will be happy to assist you with any yacht or boat rentals for your vacation time. They can be contacted at Guestservices@myhuatulcovacation.com

The reality is that with any property there are neighbours and/or can be unexpected construction projects nearby. Unfortunately, there is very little we can do to predict or control this factor. If you are having excessive issues during your stay for any reason, we would encourage you to communicate with either the concierge or local property manager to assist you in resolving the situation. Please refer to our Booking Terms & Conditions for further details.

Most of the populated bays and beaches in Huatulco are protected and fairly safe. Be aware of potential riptides and the fact that ocean conditions change rapidly. The safest beaches for young children are Playa Entrega, Playa Arrocito, Playa Santa Cruz, and Playa Tejoncito 

Check the Property Description for details as to whether Satellite is provided. Most properties offer a Smart television and/or DVD/media player.