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la bocana

Playa La Bocana Known for its surf, its mudbaths, its culinary school and its mezcal...Bocana has emerged as one of Huatulco's favorite regions and it's not difficult to understand why!

Turning off the coastal highway and onto a cobblestone road, Bocana quickly introduces its laidback beachy tones as visitors make their way to enjoy sand and surf.  


With two long-time beachfront local restaurants serving basic Mexican fare, it's easy to pass an afternoon watching local surfers ride the waves. For those looking to cross surfing off their bucket lists, sign up for a class at the surf school!



Tourists have long-enjoyed the Bocana tradition of getting slathered in mud from the Copalita riverbanks. Once dry, local women provide an exfoliation experience as they massage the mud from the skin before their guests splash in the waves to wash off any remaining evidence of the Copalita's mineral treatment.  It's not only amusingly Instagrammable but also inexpensive, enjoyable and memorable! 


After a nice mudbath experience, don't forget to pop into the unique and colorful Quireme Mucho Mezcaleria. Offering a wide variety of Oaxacan mezcales along with mixology specialists who continue to create some of the coast's most extraordinary cocktails! 


For visitors ready to take advantage of the full Bocana experience, don't forget to book a class at the local cooking school!  Here you will find classes that invite you to become part of  Oaxaca's culinary traditions. 


While accommodation options are growing, My Huatulco Vacation continues to deliver the region's most luxurious offerings from the Owner's Suite at Casa Bocana to Villas Escondida and Vidu on the beachfront. For those looking for added ammenities while still having access to La Bocana's vibe, we recommend the exclusive gated community of Montecito Beach Village.

La Bocana beach is a 17 minute drive east of Santa Cruz (10 minutes from Tangolunda) and costs about $8 - 10 USD for a taxi ride from the resort area.

Boasting some of the few beachfront villa rentals in the entire Huatulco region, La Bocana offers a true "beach lovers" vacation!

Highlights Include:
1. Quireme Mucho Mezcaleria
2. Local Mudbaths
3. Wahaca Cooking School
4. Copalita Archeological Park & Ruins (Walking Distance)
5. Copalita River
6. La Bocana Surf School

When you are in La Bocana, you are always near the beach. Simply walk out the door and you will be steps from the waves crashing on the sand.

WATER CONDITIONS: The waves are pretty rough at La Bocana, making it difficult for children to play in the ocean. However, as long as you're careful, some sections are fine. There is also a little inlet at the mouth of the river where kids can splash around.