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Huatulco Residential Zones

Camino Real

This hotel is profiled as its own region because of its unique set-up and offering to travelers. Including both regular hotel rooms and suites as well as private condo/villa rentals - the variety and cost of accommodations at this resort stand alone in the resort category.

When the Camino Real Zaashila was built, architects succeeded in creating a large scale resort that still offers an intimate feel. Because of that, guests are able to enjoy resort benefits (restaurants, spa, pools, fitness room, etc) while never losing the sense of peaceful privacy.

  • Private rentals at this resort include:
  • One bedroom condo with private splash pool (penthouse location)
  • Two bedroom condo with private splash pool (perched high on the hillside offering great views)
  • Five bedroom private villa with private pool (beachfront)

Tangolunda Bay is one of the most popular and well known bays in Huatulco mainly due to the fact that almost all the luxury resorts reside on this bay.

WATER CONDITIONS: The swimming conditions in this bay vary. In some areas you will find protected coves (mainly in resort areas) where the beach is sheltered from the waves. But, for the most part, this bay brings fairly intense waves and often has an undertow that makes it unfit for smaller children and/or weak swimmers.