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Huatulco beaches

One of Huatulco's best known attributes is its many glorious beaches! From the busy shores of Santa Cruz where we welcome Huatulco's cruise ships, to the pristine cinematic shores of Playa Cacaluta as featured on movies and television screens alike...our beaches leave their mark on people's memories and in their hearts! 

One of the best ways to see our most remote and untouched beaches is by boat! By water, you can be taken into the coastal center of Huatulco's National Park where you can enjoy the experience of having a picturesque tropical beach all to yourself! If you're more of a land lover, you may enjoy the experience of relaxing in a private infinity pool that flows over to the beach below at Playa La Bocana.  

See how many beaches you can check off your list when you visit us!!





1. Playa Cuatunalco (2) Boca Vieja (3) Ixtapa (4) Coyote - These beaches are all more than 10 miles from Santa Cruz by boat. Each beach is approximately one mile long with fine white sand, and strong waves. Not recommended for inexperienced swimmers.

5. Playa San Agustín - About 1-mile long, calm waves, gentle slope, shallow depth, much coral, restaurants serving fresh seafood. Excellent for snorkeling and diving. Accessible by land by taking the dirt road that intersects the coastal highway at the same point as the road to Santa María Huatulco which is just west of the airport, or by boat from Santa Cruz.

6. Playa Cacalutilla - Located northeast of Playa San Agustín - 700' long with shallow water. Excellent for snorkeling! Accessible by land or by boat. 

7. Playa Chachacual - just under a mile in length with moderate waves only accessible by boat. Great spot to enjoy while out on the boat. Scuba Guide Comments: See Comments Here.

8. Playa La India • Located in Chachacual Bay, quarter of a mile long with beautiful fine white sand. Popular beach to access by boat. Great for swimming and snorkeling!

9. Playa Jicaral - Located west of Chachacual Bay, 150' long - great for swimming and snorkeling. 

10. Playa Riscalillo - Another favorite for boaters (located 30 minutes southwest of Santa Cruz)...this beach offers perfect sandy shores, gentle waves, and shallow depths. 

11. Playa Cacaluta - A Huatulco favorite! This is the pristine long stretch of white sandy beach featured in our yacht video above. Approximately a half mile in length with coarse white sand and often strong waves. This beach can be most easily accessed by boat. Just offshore is Cacaluta Island, a small rocky outcropping, around which divers can explore coral reefs and underwater formations: Cacaluta Scuba Diving

12. Playa Maguey - a quarter mile in length, accessible by boat and land - making it busier than other beaches along the coast. Good for swimming and snorkeling and, a little further out, you'll find some good scuba diving with walls and caves. 

13. Playa Organo -  800' long, moderate waves, accessible by boat, land access is difficult. Swimming, snorkeling, diving. Seafood and sodas available during the busy season.

14. Playa Violin • A small beach in a protected cove between Playa Organo and Playa Entrega. 

15. Playa La Entrega  - This 600' beach is the southernmost of the Santa Cruz beaches and is best known for its family friendly snorkeling. Accessible by land, boat or by paddleboard from Santa Cruz's main beach. Scuba Guide Comments: Entrega Scuba Diving

16. Playa Yerbabuena - This small, quiet beach is located on the western shore of Bahía de Santa Cruz, north of Playa La Entrega, occupied by Huatulco's Naval Base. 

17. Playa Santa Cruz - Located in Santa Cruz, this 800' long beach offers calm waters perfect for all ages. Expect this to be one of the busiest beaches in the region thanks to its many services, including: restaurants, equipment rental, and boat charters.  
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18. Playa Chahue2000' long stretch of beach, east of Santa Cruz - known to have a rip and undertow. Experienced swimmers only. NOTE: you will find a series of beach clubs here including: Sea Soul, Club de Playa Chahue, Castillo Beach Club and La Isla Beach Club. All offer day passes for use of the swimming pool and beach loungers.
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19. Playa Esperanza - 400' long, strong waves, east of Playa Chahue. Not recommended for inexperienced swimmers.

20. Playa El Tejón - 400' long with moderate waves, located east of Playa Esperanza. Great place to head to by boat to enjoy some swimming without the crowds. 

21. Playa Consuelo - 250' beach with moderate waves west of Bahía Tangolunda. Accessible by boat.

22. Playa El Arrocito300' beach with small waves and shallow depth located alongside some of Huatulco's largest condo developments. Take advantage of visiting Ocean Bar location within the development of Cosmo Residences - great food and atmosphere!
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23. Playa Ventura

24. Playa La Manzanillo

25. Playa Tornillo  

These beaches (23, 24 and 25 on our list) are located together on the western shore of Bahía Tangolunda at Las Brisas Huatulco. Together, they stretch about 600' in length with calm waves. Good for swimming and snorkeling.

26. Playa Tangolunda The Barcelo, Dreams Huatulco, Huatulco's golf course and the Camino Real Zaashila are located on this half-mile beach. The beach may also be accessed through Tangolunda Park, west of the hotels. Moderate waves. Swimming and all watersports available. NOTE: all resorts along this beach offer day passes for purchase which include all-inclusive access to onsite restaurants and amenities.
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27. Playa Rincón Sabroso - Located west of Tangolunda, 800' long, moderate waves. 

28. Playa La Mixteca - Small beach near the mouth (east side) of Tangolunda Bay.

29. Playa TejoncitoLocated at the western edge of Conejos Bay in front of Celeste Residencias. This 300' beach offers some of Huatulco's calmest waters with easy shallow depths. Perfect for swimming and snorkeling. To access through the private development, you can purchase a day pass for 400 pesos per person, which includes a food and beverage credit. 
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30. Playa Arena -  Located east of Playa Tejoncito, this 300' long, sloping beach can have strong waves. 

31. Playa Punta Arena - East of and beside Playa Arena and centrally located in Conejos Bay. About half-mile long beach with strong waves. Experienced swimmers only. Accessible by boat. 

32. Playa Conejos - At the eastern end of Conejos Bay, 1/4-mile long, fine white sand, shallow out to 50' from shore, then having rocky formations.
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33. Playa La Bocana - Huatulco's local surf beach and the mouth of the mighty Copalita River. Here you can find a couple of beachside restaurants, enjoy a local mudbath, or just wait until the sun sets so you can enjoy some of the area's best stargazing!  
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34. Barra de la Cruz  and (35) Playa Mojon - to the east of Río Copalita these beaches stretch all the way to the Isthmus of Tehuantepec. Some great surfing waves can be found from these beaches. Barra de la Cruz is one of the best and easiest to access. Playa El Mojon can, at certain times of the year, have some decent waves for surfing and is also a great location to explore.

36. Secret Beach - Seriously, even WE don't know where it is.