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It continues to be our honor and privilege to partner with owners from around the world. It is such a unique experience to come together in this tropical destination, bound by our love for the culture, landscapes and community, to share in new friendships and opportunities. We hope to learn more about your connection to Huatulco and to support you in your property ownership goals. It all starts by making the first connection - we look forward to hearing from you.

VacAtion Rental Evaluation

The first step in becoming an MHV Owner Partner!

Completing the Property Evaluation Form will help us better understand the unique selling features and attributes of your property. These factors will enable us to determine rental performance potential so  we can provide you with a realistic financial forecast.



Whether you currently own a property in Huatulco or are considering becoming a new member of our community, vacation rental income is something that can enhance your lifestyle and increase the value of your investment.

For most, our pre-purchase financial forecasting tool proves to be immensely helpful in determining what location, property type, size and price point will work best for you from an investment perspective. As part of this analysis we consider market performance, historical fluctuations and future trends. Our Owner Liaison will arrange a time to share the results and reccomendations that best suit your investment goals. 

The team at My Huatulco Vacation is dedicated to Owner Partners like you and commits to setting realistic and achievable income targets so you can establish cashflow goals for your property and your lifestyle. We have a 95% success rate on achieving and/or exceeding annual owner income projections.

It is through these practices and achievements that we have built long-standing owner relationships. In many cases, rental performance has inspired owners to expand their investment within our destination by adding additional properties to their real estate portfolios.

We invite you to work with our partnered real estate brand, Resort Real Estate Services to explore the best options available to you in Huatulco's growing market.  Browse properties for sale on the RRES website or complete the Real Estate Questionnaire to receive customized property recommendations.

We look forward to working with you!



With new developments going up all the time in our growing destination, we have coached owners from their point of purchase through all their years of ownership.  The decision making begins with cashflow considerations around the purchase but continues as owners strive to stay on the leading edge of the Huatulco vacation rental market.

Our owner retention results speak for themselves in regards to owner satisfaction. We are proud to say that more than half our owners have been with us for over five years, several since the first day we were in business! These partners are our most enthusiastic ambassadors as the majority of our new owners come to us by referral!

Here is what some of our owner ambassadors are saying:

"Living thousands of miles away from the condo our main focus around selecting a partner was trust and ease of doing business. We have been working with the team for 2 seasons (years) now and all we can say is thumbs up."

- Mark M.

"We have been with My Huatulco Vacation (rental division) and Palm Properties (property management) for the past 5 years and have been extremely happy with the great service they have provided. They have such an organized team that we feel very confident that everything will be looked after from bookings to management."

- Jim & Shirley

"We first used My Huatulco Vacation as renters, about 6 years ago.  They were very helpful and professional in working with us on the details of our very first trip to this part of Mexico.  We fell so in love with Huatulco that we bought our own villa there. Since then, we have been using My Huatulco Vacation as the exclusive rental agent for our Villa.  During this time, the company has grown to accommodate the needs of both renters and owners. We find them to be very professional, thorough and responsive. We use their sister company, Palm Properties, as our property management company and the transition between the two is seamless. It really gives us peace of mind to know that both companies work together to ensure the most amazing guest experience for our renters, the best possible care for our villa, and an efficient way to earn a bit of income on the side while we are not personally in Huatulco ourselves."

- Marla and Jeff



Our Marketing Team

With a background in Public Relations and Digital Marketing, our Managing Partner and Director of Vacation Rentals, Judy Baker-Campbell created MHV's brand based on the vision of developing and maintaining a strong online presence using cross-platform marketing strategies. Today, our team includes marketing professionals who understand the power of social media, design and clear online messaging.

Our Marketing Initiatives

We invest 20 percent of our annual earnings  into marketing initiatives to support the successful achievement of your financial goals.   This commitment to marketing provides maximum visibility for our vacation rentals and maintains top-of-mind awareness. Our advertising initiatives include print, Internet, SEO, social media, group marketing, and public relations. We cultivate important industry relationships with local, regional, and international partners.

Our Achievements

This investment has lead to us being able to generate more than 60 percent of our inbound rental requests through our website and/or direct referral channels.  Each year, we welcome over 100,000 visitors to our website, thousands of whom become our guests. To illustrate this achievement further, MHV's own platform generates almost double the rental leads of all our third party rental platforms combined! And we're darn proud to toot our horn about that!

Our Investment towards Guest Satisfaction

Our belief at MHV is that a happy and satisfied guest is one of the best ways we can promote our brand and your properties. To achieve this, we invest heavily in the guest experience from the property exploration process through to  our in-market services. Our 97.6% guest satisfaction rate is a testament to our success.

Our Brand

The MHV brand, co-owned by Resort Real Estate and Palm Properties, is the most recognized and trusted in our market by both owners and guests. We have built an inventory of high-quality vacation home properties and a reputation for delivering first-class hospitality. Through our long-standing marketing efforts, MHV consistently ranks high in online searches among consumers. Our boutique agency continues to position alongside the biggest players in the industry such as VRBO and Airbnb.



No Listing Fees

There is no annual fee associated with enlisting our services. The MHV model is built on a commission-based platform. You only pay for confirmed reservations! 

Our Commitment to Owner Communication

We understand there needs to be transparent communication between you and the MHV team. Our dedicated Owner Liaison is in place to represent your interests in all aspects of our business - from property marketing to guest management to financial performance.  Our Owner Liaison is here to act as your eyes, ears and voice as you move through our owner process.

Annual Financial Goalsetting 

Our Owner Liaison works directly with you to create a customized annual revenue projection and performance plan. Our team then uses that plan to monitor quarterly results in order to make performance adjustments as required. You can expect ongoing recommendations and feedback to support the successful achievement of your financial goals.

Online Owner Reservation System 

Our online booking and management system allows owners to access their booking calendar and reserve their property for themselves, their friends, or their relatives.

Rental Notifications 

We provide our owners with email notifications each time your property is rented. These notices include dates, rates and deposit timelines to help you plan your calendar and finances accordingly.

Direct Deposit 

We offer instant monthly direct deposit to your bank account, anywhere in the world.

Owners’ Newsletters 

MHV keeps you up-to-date on the market’s performance, industry trends, and all our initiatives with owners’ newsletters sent out on a quarterly basis.

The MHV Guest Loyalty Program

We understand the importance of loyalty for you and your guests. Once we find the perfect property/guest match we work on your behalf to maintain those important relationships through preferential services and complimentary add-on upgrades for your repeat guests.



  1. Introductory Consultation Session
  2. Rental Property Evaluation Process 
  3. Competitive Market Analysis
  4. Contract
  5. Professional Property Photo Shoot
  6. Online Property Profile Development
  7. Launch
  8. Annual Financial Goal Setting
  9. Quarterly Monitoring & Reporting



We require all owners to employ property management services to compliment our rental management program.  Property standards are the backbone of our vacation rental program, as property quality is the foundation of a positive guest experience. As part of our Owner Contract, we require mutual commitment to our Maintenance Protocol. This ensures our owners, our team and our property managers work together to maintain a gold standard in property care.

MHV's exclusive Property Management partner is Palm Properties. With over 15 years of experience delivering outstanding maintenance and property care, they deliver a service we can feel confident in.  Should you choose to engage an outside provider, your property is still eligible for our program. However, there are additional owner obligations and check-points in place to ensure standards are met.  

Connect with our team to learn more about property management options: contact@myhuatulcovacation.com

To contact Palm Properties directly, visit their website: www.PalmPropertiesMexico.com

Or complete the form below to request more details on Palm Properties' Management Packages: 

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                We are so happy to be in partnership with My Huatulco Vacation (MHV) since 2013 for the rental, as well as the management (since 2019) of our Mexico house. We have found the staff in Huatulco to be extremely responsive, professional, and easy to work with. They have made renting our house a very positive experience and one of the best decisions we have ever made. 

- Rajesh K.

                We have been with My Huatulco Vacation (rental division) and Palm Properties (property management) for the past 5 years and have been extremely happy with the great service they have provided. They have such an organized team that we feel very confident that everything will be looked after from bookings to management. 

- Jim & Shirley

                Living thousands of miles away from the condo our main focus around selecting a partner was trust and ease of doing business. We have been working with the team for 2 seasons (years) now and all we can say is thumbs up. 

- Mark M.