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Discover the Best Surfing in Oaxaca Mexico

With over 5,000 miles of coastline on the Pacific coast, it should be no surprise that Mexico is a paradise for surfers. And the state of Oaxaca is no exception, offering more than 300 miles of beaches where you can catch some of the best waves in Mexico. From the world-renowned swells of Puerto Escondido to the gentle surf of La Bocana, My Huatulco Vacation puts you in the heart of the action. Whether you are a seasoned surfer or are looking to try this watersport for the first time, we are here to help you find the best surfing in Mexico.

When is the Best Time to Surf in Mexico?

Oaxaca offers year-round surfing, but the best season to get in the water is during the summer months. This lasts from June through October offering nice weather, warm water temperatures, and impressive waves.
Discover the Best Surfing Spots along the Oaxacan Coast

La Bocana

La Bocana offers an excellent surf spot near our luxury beachfront property, Montecito Beach Village. The breaks at La Bocana are consistent with the waves at Puerto Escondido, so you can usually expect big waves. If you want to learn surfing for the first time, you can sign up for lessons with Bocana Surf School here.

Barra de la Cruz

If you’re willing to take a short road trip (40 mins by car), you can access some of Oaxaca’s most famous waves! We highly recommend the idea of hiring a surf guide to help guide you to the best breaks and hidden access points.

Puerto Escondido Surfing Beaches

Puerto Escondido offers the best surfing in Mexico for advanced surfers and beginners alike. We are excited to introduce our newest properties in Puerto Escondido, putting you just minutes from the best surf in Oaxaca:

Zicatela Beach

Zicatela Beach is the most famous surfing spot in Mexico, known for its extreme breaks and waves reach heights of up to 20 feet. This spot is only recommended for advanced riders since the breaks are often dangerous.

Playa Carrizalillo

This is the Puerto Escondido surf spot for beginners! The beach offers shallow waters and mellow swells ideal for those starting just out.

La Punta

Located just south of Playa Zicatela, you will find a beach for intermediate surfers, La Punta. It offers less powerful waves and a fun lefthand pointbreak.

Oaxaca Mexico Vacation Rentals near Surf Beaches

Discover the best surfing in Mexico for yourself by planning a getaway to beautiful Oaxaca. My Huatulco Vacation makes it easy to access world-class surfing with our properties throughout Huatulco and Puerto Escondido.